African Marigold Taishan® Gold – Seklos


AFRICAN MARIGOLD TAISHAN® GOLDAnnual, 20–25 cm tall flowers. Blooms are large, 7–9 cm in diameter plants are heavily branched a single plant produces dozens of blooms. Grows and blooms well both in a sunny place and in the shade. No special soil conditions required. Grows best in loamy, fertile soil. Planted in greeneries, flower gardens, cemeteries, suitable for growing in pots. Should be deadheaded to ensure more abundant and longer blooming. This variety contains phytoalexins, which protect the nearby plants from pest attacks.Seeds are pelleted, binding coated with a mixture of organic and mineral fertilisers. When germinating, the seeds should not be covered with substrate, only lightly pressed into the soil surface. To facilitate germination, the soil surface must be constantly moist.20 seeds will be enough for 13–15 pots if 1 plant is planted per pot, or for the flower garden area of 3–5 m².

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