Alpine Strawberries Attila ® – Seklos


ALPINE STRAWBERRIES ATTILA®Fertile creeping wild strawberry variety, producing long runners up to 1.5 metres. High-yielding variety. Berries are fragrant and sweet. Plants are decorative. Suitable for growing in hanging pots, trays, can be used to create compositions in pots. Yields a harvest from June to autumn. Grows best in moderately heavy soil, withstands shade. For abundant harvest, it is very important to ensure adequate levels of moisture and nutrients. The seeds germinate within 3–4 weeks, the seedlings transplanted to a permanent place of growing will begin to bear fruit after 3 months.In late autumn, pots with plants should be kept indoors, where the temperature is not lower than +3 °C, infrequent watering recommended.0.1 g contains approx. 300 seeds. This amount will be enough for growing 70–100 high-quality seedlings.

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