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Gardena Battery Lawnmower PowerMax™ Li-40/37 without battery


This easily manoeuvrable and powerful GARDENA Battery Lawnmower PowerMax™ Li-40/37 is perfect for the flexible care of larger lawn areas. The specially hardened DuraEdge blade delivers optimal cutting results. The ErgoTec Plus handle is comfortable to hold and makes pushing the lawnmower extremely easy and flexible. The QuickFit Plus feature allows especially easy central adjustment for 5 cutting height settings. Lawn combs at the sides of the housing ensure that the lawn is easily mown along walls and kerbs. The CnC Plus System enables efficient cutting and collection and reduces the frequency of emptying the catcher. The folding handle makes the lawnmower easy to transport and enables space-saving storage. The lawnmower is powered by an easy-care GARDENA System Battery with 40 V* (battery not included). The battery can be quickly recharged at any time without memory effect. *The maximum output voltage without load is 40 V, the nominal voltage 36 V.

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