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LETTUCE FLORINREDEarly, disease-resistant, and very fertile lettuce variety. Two-coloured foliage is red-green in colour, good tasting, slow to overgrow. Lettuce does not wilt for a long time after cutting and when storing in a refrigerator at a temperature of +3–5 °C. Grown for spring, summer, and autumn harvest, outdoors and in greenhouses. Lettuce seedlings are transplanted to a permanent place when they have 5–6 true leaves. Planted at distances of 20 x 30 cm, not deeper than previously grown. For earlier harvest, it is recommended to grow lettuce seedlings. The crop is harvested after 45–55 days.Pelleted, binding coated, easy to sow seeds. To facilitate seed germination, sufficient moisture levels should be ensured.25 seeds (when sown as seedlings) will be enough for the area of 4 m². Predicted yield under favourable growing conditions is 3–4 kg.

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