Spinach Monterey H – Seklos


SPINACH MONTEREY HEarly hybrid variety grown for spring, summer, and autumn harvest. Leaves are tender, juicy, good-tasting, green, with short stalks, suitable for raw consumption and freezing. After germination, the harvest can be picked after 20-25 days. Suitable for growing in open balconies (produces small leaves) when grown in gardens, this variety yields abundant harvest. Under favourable growing conditions, the plants are slow to bolt.Spinach is grown as lettuce. These plants prefer fertile and moist soil. During droughts, it is necessary to water the plants with 20 l of water per 1 m2 every week. For early harvest, it can be sown in autumn or early spring. To prevent sprouting, in autumn the seeds should be sown before the beginning of frosts. The best growing temperature is +14–18 °C.3.0 g contains approx. 300–400 seeds.3.0 g will be enough for the area of 1 m2 predicted harvest under favourable growing conditions is 3–4 kg.

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