Spoon Daisy Akila® Purple – Seklos


SPOON DAISY AKILA® PURPLEGrown as annuals, these plants are bush-shaped, compact, flowers are bright, contrasting, bloom profusely. Grown in flower gardens and pots, planted in groups. When planting these plants, it is very important not to plant them too densely. These flowers are appreciated for their long and abundant blooming. At the end of the season, if the plants are moved to a room with a temperature of +3 °C maintained throughout the winter, the plants will sprout in early spring. Grows best in sunny flower beds, in places protected from wind, and in water-permeable soils. Should be planted in the soil as seedlings seeds should be sown early as germination is slow.6 seeds will be enough for the area of 3–5 m² or 4 pots if one plant is planted per pot.

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