Tomato Blumko – Seklos


TOMATO BLUMKOMedium-early tall variety, appreciated for its sweet, tasty, aromatic fruits. Fruits are elongated, weighing 60-80 g, up to 9 fruits grow per bunch. Suitable for growing in greenhouses, balconies when growing outdoors, a sunny, warm place, protected from wind should be chosen. To ensure faster and more even seed germination, the crop should be covered with glass or film. The temperature of the substrate in which the seeds are sown must be at least +21–26 °C and the room temperature must be at least +23 °C. Seedlings are planted in a greenhouse when the danger of frosts has passed. When sowing, 15–20% more seeds than the planned number of seedlings to be grown should be used.0.1 g contains approx. 50–60 seeds.0.1 g will be enough for the area of 50 m² or for growing 30–40 plants.

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