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TOMATO BUFFALOSUN HOne of the earliest beef heart-type tomato hybrid varieties that produces very large, fleshy, and delicious fruits. They are not only very tasty but also large, one fruit can weigh up to 750 g. These tomatoes will especially appeal to those who enjoy tomato salad. The variety is also suitable for making soups and sauces.Seeds are sown in March. To ensure faster and more even seed germination, the crop should be covered with glass or film. The temperature of the substrate in which the seeds are sown must be at least +21–26 °C and the room temperature must be at least +23 °C. After 2–4 true leaves appear, the seedlings are transplanted one by one. Seedlings are planted in greenhouses when the danger of frosts has passed.When sowing, 15-20% more seeds than the planned number of seedlings to be grown should be used.10 seeds will be enough for the area of 5–7 m2 predicted harvest under favourable growing conditions is 25–35 kg.

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